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I own ALOT of Movies but Why? I go to ALOT of movies but Why? I watch ALOT of movies but Why? A movie a day for one year. that is my first 365 blog challenge. I am putting all my movies in a box and pulling them at random, including the ones owned by the wife.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

73. The Incredibles

               Ok. Let’s just get it out in the open. I don’t like The Incredibles. I never have. I think that Pixar dropped the ball on it. From the first time I saw the trailer I didn’t want to see.  The only Pixar movie that is worse is WALL-E which happens to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. 
                Ever since I first heard of The Incredibles I instantly thought it was a Fantastic Four rip off.  Just take the FF super powers and put them in a family. There you have it. Unlike other Pixar movies I just thought this movie’s plot was not that good. Poorly put together.  Some of the supporting cast is fine.  But this movie has just never clicked with me. My wife can’t believe it. She loves, thus we own it.

Final Verdict: Not worth owning.


  1. hmmm, I really like this Cartoon. I am surprised you don't. :o)

  2. I really liked this movie. I thought it was funny, well directed and the plot was ....well, fun! the story of a superhero and his super hero wife having super hero kids and being put in the super hero protection placement, given mundane jobs, and getting all fat and lazy? THIS IS MY LIFE!!!! (except for the super hero part...) Anyway, I did like this movie, a lot, I loved the voice over work by Craig T Nelson, Samuel L Jackson, Holly Hunter, Jason Lee (my name is earl). The movie kept me interested and laughing. For me it is worth it to own it...sorry, Jimmy

  3. I love the family in this movie. Who cares if it's a Fantastic Four rip-off! I really want to kick the villian into next week!