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I own ALOT of Movies but Why? I go to ALOT of movies but Why? I watch ALOT of movies but Why? A movie a day for one year. that is my first 365 blog challenge. I am putting all my movies in a box and pulling them at random, including the ones owned by the wife.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

46. Iron Man 2

               Our lovely Netflix shipped us a movie this week.  What movie? Iron Man 2 on spectacular blu-ray.  Iron Man 2 continues the story of Tony Stark. Stark being the party loving, narcissistic billionaire who, in the first Iron Man, decided to change his ways.  He built an alternative power source in his heart that helps him power a suit. The Iron Man suit.
                In building this suit Stark has brought peace to the planet. And for some reason the United States isn’t happy about that!  I never really get why the USA is unhappy with this but it proves the point that Iron Man is what the world needs. But what the world doesn’t know is that the paladium in the suit's power source is slowly killing Stark. So Stark's playboy ways start to get out of control because he only has so much time left.
         Joining the movie as the token bad guy that every super hero movie needs is Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko a Russian physicist whose dad was wronged by Stark's dad so he must destroy him. So he builds droids like the ones in the Star Wars prequel to attack him. The best part of the movie is the relationship and interaction between Stark and his assistant, true love (he realizes), Pepper Pots. I wish the story was more focused in on this since Downey and Paltrows chemistry is great. IM2 does a great job continuing the story and also working/setting up the Avengers storyline that is soon to come.   

Final Verdict: It's good. Someday I will own the Iron Man movies.


  1. I really like this movie. I never really cared about Iron Man much before. I mean he is so whimpy in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, but I love how Robert Downey Jr really brings his character to life.

  2. I liked it, but my wife fell asleep. So, I had to watch it without my own little Pepper Pots. AGREED! Paltrow and Downey, Jr. TOGETHER on screen are wonderful. I also want more of that nerdy OTHER scientist dude...very funny interactions with all the other characters, including Rourke's bad guy. The first was better, though, even without Scarlett (who could be a great action hero in her own movie series).

  3. I have yet to see this movie...i know, I know, I live in a cave! I loved the first movie and I really like Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man/Tony Stark. So I want to see the sequel when time permits.

  4. Love movies with Robert Downey Jr, he AWESOME! lol Loved this movie but I kind of liked the first one better. :) Still great though.

  5. Mickey Rourke was amazing....other than that...I liked the first one better