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I own ALOT of Movies but Why? I go to ALOT of movies but Why? I watch ALOT of movies but Why? A movie a day for one year. that is my first 365 blog challenge. I am putting all my movies in a box and pulling them at random, including the ones owned by the wife.

Monday, April 25, 2011

99. Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer is a great inspirational movie based on the true story of pro surfer Bethany Hamilton. Hamilton grew up right on the beach in Hawaii and describes her childhood as spending more time wet than dry. We see this young girl grow up with her best friend, learning to surf from a early age.
Even though this is a hollywood production they do a great job showing how important Bethany's and her family's faith is to them. They show her and her parents, played by Dennis Quad and Helen Hunt, going to church services, reading their Bibles and spending time in prayer. Most times the movies just gloss over the spiritual element. But it was a pleasant surprise to see the Faith portrayed here
 The mainly revolves around the fact that Hamiltion loses her left arm to shark attack during the summer she is trying enter and win the junior national surfing championship. We see right on the screen the struggle she faces as she fights to learn how to surf all over again. Not only does she, but even better than before. In a nice surprise country star Carrie Underwood plays Bethany's youth minister in the film. She a does a great job. Very great movie. Very great message.

Final Verdict: Worth owning.


  1. Wow. I got to pick this movie for us and I chose it because I thought we really needed something inspirational and encouraging. Let me tell you it was all that and more! It was really weird sitting in the movies and hearing them sing "Blessed Be the Name of the Lord" in a film that wasn't produced by a Christian film company but it was awesome. If I was Bethany I don't know if I would have had the courage to try again.

    You can also listen to her awesome testimony on I Am

  2. have not sen this movie yet. But is does look promising! I like Dennis Quaid as an actor so I would want to see this just because he is in it.