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I own ALOT of Movies but Why? I go to ALOT of movies but Why? I watch ALOT of movies but Why? A movie a day for one year. that is my first 365 blog challenge. I am putting all my movies in a box and pulling them at random, including the ones owned by the wife.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

77. Tangled

                It has been well documented in this blog and In my world that I am not a big fan of Disney cartoon musicals.  So going into Tangled I was kind of excited because so how I got it into my head that it wasn’t a musical. It was a musical.
                Tangled is the retelling of Rapunzel the classic fairy tale of the girl who lives in a tower and lets down her hair.  In this movie Rapunzel is played by former pop star Mandy Moore and the man who has come to her tower is Flynn Rider played by Zachary Levi of Chuck fame. The basis of this movie is that an evil lady had kidnapped a baby Rapunzel (who really is a princess) has kept her hidden from the rest of the kingdom because Rapunzel’s hair is magic and heals people and keeps them young.
                Flynn happens along the tower when he is being chased for stealing from the kingdom.  Then Flynn and Rapunzel take off from the tower (Rapunzel’s first time!) and head to the kingdom. Along the way they face peril, meet up with funny sidekicks and are being chased by the evil lady. Basically every Disney cartoon you know. But this one is better than most. The movie is STUNNING in blu ray! Amazing.

Final Verdict: My wife bought it. I would never buy it.


  1. Yeah for coupons and mail in rebates! I got a great deal and I get to own an awesome new movie! I really enjoyed Tangled and this makes me very happy despite any negatives Jimmy mentions.

  2. I went to see this with a friend for her birthday. I must say, going in, I expected not to HATE it, but not to really enjoy it that much. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The characters were very well drawn and interesting....from the less than willing hero, to the main character really being a strong, likable heroine herself. And, you're right, the quality is really stunning. Also, the duet between Flynn and Rapunzel, which was nominated for an Oscar, was really a good song.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this cartoon! It's funny, cute and a typical disney movie (which is great imo)! Can't believe you didn't like it!

  4. i LOVE this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it makes me smile!! not surprised you didnt like it!