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I own ALOT of Movies but Why? I go to ALOT of movies but Why? I watch ALOT of movies but Why? A movie a day for one year. that is my first 365 blog challenge. I am putting all my movies in a box and pulling them at random, including the ones owned by the wife.

Friday, February 11, 2011

26. Home Alone 2:Lost in New York

             One of the things I was really excited about in doing this project was the chance and excuse to watch Christmas movies outside of the Christmas season.  People tend to look at you weird or think you are strange when you watch Christmas movies during any other time than Christmas. But now I have the reason and the magical movie box has selected for me Home Alone 2 and lest we forget that he is now lost in New York.
The Sticky Bandits!
HA2 is a solid sequel and I really like it. Granted, they rehash a lot the same jokes and the movie is so unrealistic. What kind of airline lets a kid on by himself and what kind of hotel lets a kid check into the hotel alone using his father’s credit card? Apparently it’s a hotel with a staff that includes a young Rob Schneider and Tim Curry (the butler from Clue!).  But indeed that is what happens. Kevin is “home alone” again when his family gets one plane to Florida and he ends up in the Big Apple.  On top of that! The Wet Bandits have escaped and in a city of millions they run right into Kevin, who in returns torches them again and even has pigeons attack them (which is scarier than snot to me!)
                Home Alone 2 rehashes a lot of the same high jinks from the first film but is fun no matter. I love these movies and while it is not as good as the first, it’s a must own for me. Plus it has the best scene of the any of the home alones. “Get on your knees and tell me you love me!”

Final Verdict: Must own. Merry Christmas. 


  1. such a good movie! especially the brick part. i personally dont care if people think a little kid couldnt do all the things he did in this movie.

  2. This was the first non-Star-Wars movie that I saw in the theatre twice. The scene where Kevin is throwing the bricks from the roof of the building is worth the price of admission all by itself.

  3. wow weiss that is a interesting tidbit! I love the scene with tim curry and the rest of the staff having to get on their knees and saying love you!

  4. I think I actually liked this one better than the original. Don't know why.

  5. Good sequel, I like the fact that they did bring back the villains from the first movie. 100% agreed , this could never happen in real life (hopefully), but that's the fun and beauty of the movies, you can enjoy unrealistic plots for pure entertainment. If you own the first movie, might as well have this one too. But stop there!

  6. This was pretty funny. LOVE that Tim Curry was in it!